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This is Nuts – a great snack for travelers

Since launching in 2012, Swedish premium nut brand This Is Nuts has been on a mission to give everyone easy access to natural and delicious snacks.

Using a special blend of some of their most popular nuts, This Is Nuts adds a unique – and healthy – touch to the true traveler’s SAS journey.

 “The average Swede eats 50kg of sugar each year and I felt there was a lack of tasty alternatives,” says Ranja Maria Vardali, founder and CEO of This Is Nuts. “My goal from the get-go was not just to become the leading distributor of nuts in the Nordics, but also to encourage a healthy active lifestyle.”

The company motto is that being healthy should be 100% enjoyable and guilt-free – and they help this happen by not just sourcing the finest nuts available but by giving them a distinct unique flavor with their patented roasting process – which originated in the Middle East – without using any additives or preservatives during processing. 

“We’re very proud to be part of SAS New Experience, which has brought high-quality foods from a range of Nordic producers to travelers. This Is Nuts shares SAS values when it comes to sustainability, which makes this partnership even more satisfying,” Vardali says.

Last edited: November 14, 2017


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